Registry FormsPLUS™ With Electronic Signature

Registry FormsPLUS™ With Electronic SignatureFrom the initial application and lease agreement to move-out day, Registry FormsPLUS:

  • Generates electronic forms automatically for every stage of the resident lifecycle
  • Showcases your brand, unique information requirements, and auto-populates with your community information
  • Integrates fully with our resident screening and criminal background check solutions, applicant information is also populated automatically.
  • Includes electronic signature (e-signature) functionality that allows you to execute legally binding forms online

Using Registry FormsPlus, your leasing staff will save considerable time on data entry while reducing errors associated with manual entry.

In addition, we have integrated Blue Moon forms into the FormsPLUS system. This allows users to process and generate Blue Moon forms, as well as custom client forms, within FormsPLUS packages.

How it Works

How it WorksIntuitive, efficient and incredibly easy to use, each form is generated in seconds and can be easily emailed to applicants and residents. Legally binding forms can be easily, securely and conveniently “signed” electronically and immediately sent back to you. All your applicants and residents need is a computer, Internet access and a PDF reader—anytime, anywhere.

When executing a new lease package or renewal, an emailed copy is automatically sent to all relevant parties. Once the resident has signed the lease electronically, an email is sent to the leasing agent to counter sign the documents. The status of every lease can be easily tracked to assist with any action items and ensure all leases are fully executed.