Leasing Manager

A cloud-based online leasing workflow solution with electronic application and lease execution. Redefine the applicant lifecycle with a streamlined and personalized application that is fully mobile optimized and integrates with other major property management software providers.

As the gateway to best-of-breed point solutions, Leasing Manager redefines the applicant lifecycle with a streamlined and personalized application that is fully mobile optimized. Leasing Manager integrates and can also co-exist with other major property management software providers.

The Workflow Your Team Needs.

With Leasing Manager, property operators outsource the data entry to the applicants, allowing prospective residents to:

  • Shop for an apartment home
  • Secure renters insurance
  • Apply for a lease
  • View and acknowledge leasing forms
  • Complete their resident screening
  • Submit electronic payments
The Workflow Your Team Needs.

Productivity Meets Design & Point Solutions

Leasing Manager is a fully mobile-responsive application tailored to lease applicant behaviors that results in increased applicant commitments by offering highly-customizable services to prospect and current renters, as well as easier ways to use and accept credit cards and e-checks online via the SafeRent Solutions Payments integration.

Access to Best-of-Breed Point Solutions

A rental application designed with the end user in mind.

Property managers enjoy workflow configurability to set the experience for their application process and the ability to use messaging that reinforces their brand. Applicants gain an intuitive experience, meaning only questions relevant to them are asked.

Visibility into the online application system to know where applicants are in the leasing process.

The application is segmented into smaller sections for easier and quicker completion. Property managers can see leads moving through that lifecycle to better understand when to nudge and when to hold, maximizing leasing agent productivity.

24/7/365 access to application progression.

Whether an applicant chooses to move from initial steps of an application to an e-signed lease in ten minutes, or to stop and return to an application later for convenience, they can submit online without the limitations of leasing office hours. Property managers also benefit by obtaining leads, applications and leases from consumers even when the leasing office is closed.

A seamless application process and flexible payment options are now integrated into a singular experience.

Leveraging the new SafeRent Solutions integration, Leasing Manager allows applicants to pay their fees directly in the application using eCheck/ACH, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards such as Netspend, and more. Future on-time resident payments are reported to all three major credit bureaus (with no work required of the property manager), which assists in building resident credit history.