A One-Stop Solution for You and Your Residents

ResidentKey Premium has it all—high-quality low-cost renters insurance, landlord protection policy coverage, and a unique tracking system that automatically verifies coverage by individual leaseholder, rather than by unit. ResidentKey combines HO4 insurance, a landlord protection policy with gap coverage, and innovative third-party tracking to help ensure 100 percent coverage 100 percent of the time.

ResidentKey Features
Deliver Real Benefits

ResidentKey Premium uniquely answers the needs of property owners and residents alike.

  • Gives residents exclusive access to top-quality renters insurance.
  • Helps ensure all leaseholders are covered 100 percent of the time.
  • Provides fully automated third-party tracking.
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Adds a noncompliance fee to rent statements and notifies leaseholders who fail to carry insurance.
  • Offers an opportunity to earn ancillary income.
  • Integrates with major property management applications.

Renters Insurance Reimagined


Using the insight gained over decades of working in the rental property industry, we reinvented renters insurance so that everyone wins. Residents get exclusive access to the liability protection they need and the replacement value coverage they want. Property owners and managers get gap-free coverage and a completely new level of automated verification that delivers real peace of mind.

Put Your Asset Protection on Automatic

The protection you need

ResidentKey Premiums combines HO4 insurance and a landlord protection policy with gap coverage to help ensure 100 percent coverage of all leaseholders 100 percent of the time.

Coverage verified by leaseholder

Standard tracking by unit misses the fact that many units contain two or more leaseholders. That creates costly problems when uninsured leaseholders cause damages.

Fully automated third-party tracking

Does away with manual tasks—like verifying you’re listed as an additional interested party and checking tracking reports against rent rolls—so that your team can focus on generating income and building positive resident relationships.

NonCompliance Fee Passed to NonCompliant Leaseholders

Automatically generates email notifications to leaseholders that drop or fail to renew liability coverage informing them of the added cost.

Web-based, easy-to-use interface

Designed so that anyone can use it, the ResidentKey Premium interface provides a dashboard overview and the ability to drill down into the unit, leaseholder, and policy specifics.

Insurance-only version available

ResidentKey Lite provides residents with guaranteed access to the same renters insurance available with ResidentKey Premium.