Make Resident Selection
Easy & Effective

SafeRent helps property managers, landlords, and real estate agents cover the entire applicant lifecycle – from shopping and applying for a lease, resident screening to securing renters insurance and residing in the community.

Comprehensive Resident Screening Reports

Minimize risks of non-payment, tenant eviction, property damage, and get the complete picture with SafeRent resident screening reports.

Credit Report and Score

Eviction and Address History

Multi-state Criminal

Multi-state Sex Offender


Credit Report

SafeRent Score™

This three-digit predictive score powered by machine learning can enhance bottom-line results and help you manage risk associated with lease defaults. Our proprietary SafeRent Score helps identify quality applicants who are more likely to pay rent on time, treat the property with care, and stay for longer periods of time.

SafeRent Score

Improve Your Workflows & Scale with Ease

SafeRent Resident Solutions

Resident Screening

Our resident screening data includes insight from our proprietary records along with an applicant’s eviction records, address history, criminal records, identity fraud and credit data.

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Go digital and boost productivity of your leasing staff with SafeRent online, mobile friendly rental applications. Create a virtual leasing office experience to complete and sign leases on any device, anywhere, anytime. Redefine the applicant lifecycle from application through to lease execution without intervention from leasing professionals.

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Say goodbye to endless paperwork and data entry while arranging in-person lease signings. Automate, streamline and organize leasing documents. Your leasing staff will save considerable time on data entry while reducing errors associated with manual entry.

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Property owners and managers get gap-free liability coverage and a new level of automated verification of coverage that delivers real peace of mind.  ResidentKey is designed to increase resident participation, which can lower your repair costs, save time and improve profitability.

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Mobile-friendly payment platform automatically posts all payments to your company’s accounting software and provides you next-day funding of rent while simultaneously reporting to all three major credit agencies.

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Lease application identity fraud comes in many shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain—it’s increasing rapidly. Choose the highest quality residents from your consumer pool by learning about the types of fraud and how to protect against it.

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