Verification of Income & Employment

Simplify the Process

Due to the increased rate of fraudulent documents, verifying income and employment is one of the biggest challenges property managers are reporting.  Additionally, manual verification can be cumbersome and time consuming, potentially delaying the leasing process.  As we head into uncertain economic times, verifying income and employment is becoming a greater concern for landlords.

At SafeRent Solutions, we can streamline your operations by automating this manual process.

Verification via Payroll Provider

  • Industry leading coverage for 85% of the US workforce
  • Reduce fraud risk
  • Speed up turnaround times
  • Maintain applicant confidentiality

Verification via Bank Deposits

  • Up to 85% verification rate and 24 months of bank transaction data
  • Net and gross income calculations and segmentation of income types
  • 90% of US banks covered
  • 4,000 financial institutions connected

Our solution is key to simplifying the process and reducing lease turn times.

Additional Related Solutions

  • Currently in Research/Development
  • Document Verification Vendor
  • Allows the upload of multiple documents to confirm income
  • Manual VOI/VOE Verification Vendor
  • Integrations with SafeRent Solutions Screening platform

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