SafeRent ID Trust®

Hindsight is 2020 – Unmask potential fraudsters during the application phase.

SafeRent ID Trust® provides verification results and coverage for more than 95% of the adult population. We can perform data matches and assessments to verify the information associated with consumers using a series of models and filtering processes. Our solution provides a seamless workflow online or in-office.

Early detection with this three-prong approach

Step 1
Validate Identity
Step 2
Synthetic Verification
Step 3
Applicant Authentication

Verify an applicant’s identity within seconds. Property operators can confidently prove applicants are who they claim to be before they move forward in the screening process. if a potential ID-fraud risk problem is identified – the workflow will stop. This pause enables you to determine whether or not to move forward based on the identity being unable to be verified…before the screening report is ordered.


Leverage these important data attributes to verify an applicant

SSN Flags

Determine if an SSN is shared with more than one person, verified against an individual or invalid based on anomalies.

Identity & Phone Trust Flag

Y/N based on patterns exhibited by synthetic fraudsters and identity mismatches between authorized users and primary account holders.

Death Records

A response that identifies if someone is part of the Death Master file.

Authorized User Trends

Important information about the specific users who are authorized to use credit trade lines specific to an identity which is a powerful deterrent to financial fraud. This includes velocity (of authorized card attempts), the number of authorized users and the number of terminated users.

Shared Address Flags

Determine if a property belongs to an individual or if the address entered belongs to too many consumers (and not useful for a full verification).

Why SafeRent ID Trust®?  

Benefits Include

  • Confirms identity legitimacy by cross checking multiple data points
  • Increases ability to approve more identities 
  • Decrease false positives 


SafeRent ID Trust® helps property operators verify the information of potential applicants and mitigate fraud, enabling greater efficiency and reduced costs.  

For complete screening, include fraud insights to reduce expensive evictions.  For more information please call 800-811-3495